Brandi Andrade

Stories connect us so we can build a better world. 

I bring stories to life.   

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about me

I grew up on the Big Island of Hawaii, the daughter of missionary parents. With one “slippah” in the church (where Dad’s sermons always involved a good story) and the other in local Hawaiian culture (where “talking story” is how you have a chat), belief in the power of creative stories to move, inspire, and bring people together runs in me like a current in the ocean.

I discovered theatre in high school, and studying Drama, Television, and Film in college fine-tuned the ways I can use my body and voice to bring words to life. College was also where I discovered Women’s History—in the guise of stories about the women of the past I was dismayed to only be hearing for the first time at the age of twenty.

That dismay drove me to keep learning, and while pursuing a master's degree and then a Ph.D. at the university of Texas-Dallas, my passions pulled together like good plot lines. My quest as a coach and teacher is the same as when I'm telling others’ stories as an actor, shaping stories as a director, or highlighting overlooked stories as a writer and producer. I am driven to inspire and empower others to create the very best version of the story of their lives.


Nearly 30 years as a professional theatre and broadcast artist: actor, director, dramaturg, producer, and voice-over artist. Commercial work represented by Linda McAlister Talent since 2003.

More than a decade of experience as teacher in the University of Texas system.

Five years as a professional corporate trainer/coach through True Colors International, helping clients learn to communicate more effectively. 

a little love

Delightful and delicious... She created a character with stellar sensuality and a playful spirit.
The best professor I had this semester! She’s fun, loving, and trust me, you’ll laugh a lot!
Do not dare overlook Andrade... Her performance is so even and natural.
Dr. Andrade is AWESOME!!! She has about 1000 students and knew me on a first name basis. It is very obvious to tell that she loves what she is doing and is so enthusiastic.

up next 

Brandi Andrade as the voice of  The Crimson Crane .

Brandi Andrade as the voice of The Crimson Crane.

Beginning in September, hear Brandi Andrade in Season Two of The Crimson Files, a fictional podcast in which she is the voice of the Crimson Crane.





Causes I care about

All of these folks are dear to my heart because of their work for better stories and happy endings.  Supporting them makes my own story richer and more complete.


Best Friends Animal Sanctuary 

Austin Humane Society

Sea Turtle, Inc.   


UNHCR (The United Nations Council on Refugees)

Front Steps (Austin Resource Center for the Homeless)

Central Texas Food Bank


Health Alliance for Austin Musicians (HAAM) 

ATX Kids Club



EMILY's List  

Women for Women International


Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media 

And, of course, I support numerous live theaters in my community, both financially and in person. When was the last time YOU went to the theatre?  Try it! (I bet you'll like it!)

Read more about these causes and my connection to them.